Sunday, 5 December 2010

Waiting is over rated

Since we're still waiting on the survey,there isn't much to report on the boat front. This week has been a bit weird, with the snowy conditions meaning where I work has been closed to non-staff from Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday I managed to motorcycle to work in the fresh snow, but come Wednesday I thought better of it and got the tube for the rest of the week.
On Wednesday we purchased our tickets to  Cropredy 2011. The plan is to sail up there on Water Witch, and make it an extended summer cruise.
Today I tortured entertained the patrons of Loughton Farmers' Market playing Christmas carols on my trumpet with the wind section of the orchestra in which I play.
Playing and practising the trumpet is something I will have to arrange around living on board, since it is not the most sociable of instruments to play in a marina. Guess I'll have to keep the noise making to the facilities at work. Of course, when we're off cruising I can be a bit more relaxed about it! Here's me taking a break from practise somewhere on the Middlewich branch back in May, which was the last time we were afloat.

Me on a boat

11 days to go until the survey.

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