Monday, 16 April 2012

That sinking feeling and some cartesian humour.

Yesterday (Sunday, Titannic day) I met up up with the good ship plastic bucket and we sailed back up to Harlow where she is bing moored over summer. Didn't have any trouble fitting in the locks together as they are about 88ft long, so we had plenty of space.
Those familiar with the Lee and Stort will know of the rubbish barges which are moored up here and there. There is one at Roydon on the Stort near to the road bridge. Unfortunately, its not what you would call seaworthy (or canal worthy for that matter), for despite it being almost empty of rubbish, the deck is almost at water level. I suspect that the only thing from keeping it visible to passers by is the fact that the river is quite shallow. A local wit has stuck a three sheets of paper to it saying "I sink, therefore I am". Culture isn't dead!!

I sink...therefore I am

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