Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hello my follower(s)!

Happy new year to one and all. We have been in Paris for the past few days. Returned on the last Eurostar of 2010. While in Paris we naturally took a stroll along the canal, stopping for lunch at our favourite bistro on Quai de Valmy. Thursday we took a stroll through the catacombs...we had planned to go on Wednesday but the queue was about 80yds long! It would seem the tourists were, ehem, dying to get in!

Anyway, enough of that. Things are progressing on the boat front...but at an appropriately slow pace given the time of year. We have agreed with the vendors about the required repairs highlighted in the survey; once they are done the mortgage people should hand over the lolly they are lending us. We are going to split the cost of a new solid fuel stove, as the one already on board has a fracture in the top plate. The boat had already been booked in to be blacked in March, so it looks like we won't be moving her until the rear end of that month.
Have a peaceful start to the year and a most enjoyable 2011.

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