Monday, 3 January 2011

PAW 2011 - Week 1. Jan 1st 2011 - Jan 7th 2011

The last couple of days I've been pounding the Regent's canal with a camera taking pictures. Yesterday I went from City Rd Lock out to the Hertford Union. On Saturday from Battlebridge Basin to Lisson Grove (and back). Guess it's an antidote to the waiting for things to be sorted with Water Witch. In a previous life I was in the photography game, but now it's more of a serious hobby (although that word has some negative connotations for me), which I can come back to when the feeling takes me. So while I'm feeling enthusiastic about taking pictures, I've decided to do a PAW - Photograph a Week - to keep the creative juices flowing. Every week I'll be posting a picture I've taken in the previous 7 days, with a generally boaty/waterway theme. This is week 1:


Taken with a Canon 20d. The lens is a Zenit Helios 44M, 58mm/f2, which cost me about a tenner on e-bay. The location is the Regent's Canal adjacent to the Hackney Road gasometer.

I've posted this one a bit early, but I'm going back to work tomorrow, so things may overtake me! My next PAW will be posted on Saturday 15th January.

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