Sunday, 23 January 2011

PAW 2011 - Week 3. Jan 15th 2011 - Jan 21st 2011

Everyone knows that every canal boat needs a buckby can and some kind of non human crew member. Currently we have neither of these, although sometimes SWMBO suggests I am only half human. So as an aide memoir for the things to be obtained once Water Witch is at her mooring, we have these clinging to the fridge of the bricks and mortar.

Buckby Magnet

Canon 20d with Helios 44m plus extension ring. Only just squeezed this one in on Friday night, hence the flash illumination.
The Buckby can fridge magnet is available from The Canal Shop Company


  1. You must be killing time, waiting for the sale to go through. Why does time go hypo low, when you're waiting for something exciting to happen...

  2. Yes it can be frustrating - especially when little wrinkles come over the horizon. Had a message from the mortgage people last night saying there was a problem with the paperwork. Immediately one thinks "what now?" Turned out to be pretty insignificant and we are on track for being boaty by the weekend!