Thursday, 10 February 2011

I have an actual follower...

...or rather, Water Witch has! Yes Brian is the first "follower" of this blog. Hello Brian! I say "rather Water Witch" because Brian is one of the former owners from when the old gal was a shared ownership boat. He and his wife are now the owners of Nb Harnser.

On slightly less ego boosting news, Water Witch was taken out of the water this week and blacked. She is also being dewinterised and having the fuel filter and gearbox oil replaced. Normally I would do these last two things, but I didn't want my first hours on board to be spent washing diesel off my hands!

I'm also hoping that the painter at the marina where she is currently lying has had the chance to paint the roof and signwrite her new home water on the side. Going down on Saturday to take a few things - duvet, linen, etc - in readiness for our first cruise over the half term break. Will post some piccies at the weekend.

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