Sunday, 20 February 2011

The year ahead...

Now that we are now almost afloat on WW, and I have a few days off work, I thought it a good time to think about what we'll be doing on the old gal and where we'll be going during 2011.

This week, we plan to go on our first cruise on the Witch. She is still in Newbury, so we'll be doing a gentle trip westwards, probably only to Bedwyn, and then back. If we have time, we might do a day's there and back trip eastwards, probably only as far as Thatcham.

Next Sunday, we are handing her over to a boat mover so that she can be moved up to London - should take about a week. We shall then move her from Islington up to chez Water Witch on the Stort.

Over the Easter break we'll probably explore the Stort and the northern part of the Lee up to Hertford.

Over summer we'll be doing a big cruise - probably 5 weeks up to Cropredy for the Fairport thing and back.

One of my past times is playing the trumpet, and since it is an instrument which requires consistent levels of practice to maintain a good standard, I plan to be taking one of my instruments along to play whenever we tie up in a more secluded spot. So if you hear the dulcet tones of a trumpet as you pootle along the cut chances are it could be me.
I've probably posted this before, but here it is again; me on the Middlewich branch with my Bb cornet:

Me on a boat

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