Saturday, 5 February 2011

Staying in double digits

About three weeks ago I put in a link to the UK waterways rating site. I started off somewhere in the 130s and quickly rose to the lofty position of 93rd most popular waterways website. I'm currently at 99 overall, and 55 on the Blog ratings. Of course this becomes slightly less impressive when one realizes the website has to be registered by the owner. And even less impressive when you check out some of the sites in the 90+ positions, some of which haven't had anything posted for months...or over a year. In light of this, one would hope that having gotten up to 93rd, we wouldn't start going downwards...but we have.
So how does one keep up the hits momentum with a blog, and avoid falling into the pit of the couldn't be bothered. I guess making regular, frequent and of course meaningful posts is the main thing; and of course getting added to the blogrolls of other websites, which is more likely to happen if you keep up the first thing.


  1. You post every day without fail, Get Granny Buttons to mention you, put somthing in the header like Elvise burn to death on a narrrowboat, 100 killed in stampeed. You post elsewhere saying you have blogged like Facebook and Twitter.
    I post every day when we are on the boat and have manged to get in the 30s but as soon we get home it starts to rise again quite rapidly.

  2. I post when I want to and don't really care about the ratings. I refuse to subscribe to it and won't knowingly link to anybody that has google ads.
    Does it really matter about the rating ??
    For those with google ads, its about hits and therefore money.

  3. No I don't really care about the ratings...and I think that quality is better than quantity ( a combination of both being better still!) I'm definitely not a "today I had toast for breakfast" type person. At the same time I think it is good to know that someone out there is deriving some sort of interest.
    I guess I was just reflecting on my hope that in the long run what I say here occasionally has some kind of value and that people visit for that reason.